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As some of you already know I was asked by Gearbest if I wanted to review one of their products. Their associate suggested three planes to choose from. Since I have only flown a fixed wing once (buddy boxed with Josh at FliteFest 2015), the decision to go for a classic trainer style design was easy (star ;-)).

So I'm going to get a WLtoys F959 Sky King - a clone of the classic EasyStar design just like the Bixler's for example. A perfect trainer for an absolute beginner like me.

WLtoys F959 Sky King.jpg

I have yet to receive the package, but I thought I'd post some of my first thoughts and information I got from their shop.

Disclaimer: I am getting this product for free to do a review. The URLs contain a marker that allows Gearbest to see how much "reach" my post gets and wether I might get another product for review.

It's available in two versions:
Orange: http://www.gearbest.com/rc-airplane...source=forum&utm_medium=Amy&utm_campaign=balu
Blue: http://www.gearbest.com/rc-airplane...source=forum&utm_medium=Amy&utm_campaign=balu

I do like the color balu blue a lot more, but the orange version was available in the European warehouse, so I decided to ask for that instead.


Channels: 3 (throttle, elevator, rudder)
Available colors: orange, blue
Transmitter: 2.4 GHz; Mode 2; 4 channels; 200 m range; (dual rates? FlySky?)
Motor: N60, brushed
Material: EPP foam
Flying time: 15 minutes
Charging: 30-40 minutes
Batteries: 7.4V (2S) 300mAh LiPo (included), 6 x 1.5 V AAA (not included)
Dimensions: 750 mm wingspan x 565 mm length x 135 mm height
Weight: 58 g
Prop: folding (size unknown)

The RTF kit includes the fuselage, wings, wing stiffener, transmitter, LiPo, balance charger, power adapter and a Chinese + English user manual

The first thing I noticed is the price: $50 to $55 for a beginner plane, ready to fly? That makes me wonder about the quality of the overall package, but I like to be surprised. I also noticed that the blue model is only available in China, while you can get the orange model in a European warehouse (which I think is in the UK) too which might make it easier and probably faster to get for us Europeans.

The plane is advertised for beginner and intermediate pilots and to be flown in- and outdoors. So I'm expecting it to be able to fly pretty slow.

What I'm not really fond of is the English product description on Gearbest.com. For that you have to remember that Gearbest is not an RC store. They sell a lot of cheap gadgets and gizmos for everyone. That and being based in China might explain why they are not using the "lingo" we are used to as RC hobbyists.

There are a few examples, but I really like the "Function" part of their specs. According to that, the plane has the functions: "Forward, backward, up, down, left, right"... My first thought was: "duh, it better do all that" before it took me a second to realize that going "backward" might get interesting...

Because of that I don't think I'm going to like the English manual either. But who reads those anyway (besides me?).

I'm also a little irritated by the "false advertising" on the product page. It shows the plane with lights under the wings. I know there's a version out there with that feature, but GearBest does not sell it as far as I know. If the 200 m range of the transmitter is "long distance" might be a discussion topic too...

  • EasyStar clone
  • slow beginner aircraft
  • standard brushed N60 motor, used on many micro helis and available as replacement part
  • cheap

  • bad product description
  • cheap

  • The pictures show an FPV nose, so it might be possible to add a micro video transmitter and fly it FPV.
  • The transmitter seems to be capable of dual rates.
  • WLtoys transmitters are known to speak the "FlySky" protocol. That might allow me to use a FlySky module in my Taranis and control the plane with a "big" transmitter.
  • I'd like to add a LiPo alarm if there's enough space in the cockpit.
  • Fly...
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[reserved for later modifications - if it survives my first flights :)]

Upgrade to brushed motor?
Different receiver?
Looks like they have ailerons in the mold?


Four of us picked these up from Banggood to bash around with, 3 of 4 were a little tail heavy out of the box, but nice once they are balanced. You'll want some extra batteries, (I got a 4 pack from eBay for about $11 I think) as it's a blast to fly and doesn't need a lot of room. We all use our modified Devo Tx to fly, so can't say if stock one any good or not, but if you do get 200m, that about as far as you can see the thing anyway.

Looking forward to your review, have fun! :D


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Hello guys,

Just bought this cheap plane to train my flight skills, because i don't feel very confident flying my Ranger 757-4.

I was searching for batteries and i found these :



Is there any reason why i should not use it instead of the original one with an adapter ? ( too heavy ? too big ).


* Is there any other battery that you recommend from banggood or ebay that i can use ? which will provide longer flying times ?

* Does this plane need CA Hinges, should i cut the moving surfaces and install some ?

* I have the Turnigy 9XR pro with a FrSky DJT Module that i use on my Ranger, will i be able to use it with the Sky King and if it works will the plane have longer range ?

I also wanna make something like this :



a wheel positioned under the CG to help minimize fuselage rush

Anybody know where i can find one to match the scale of the plane ?



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Amy just let me know that the WLtoys F9595 Sky King is now available with an US plug and they've reduced the price again...

(tagged links from my initial post)
Orange: http://www.gearbest.com/rc-airplanes..._campaign=balu
Blue: http://www.gearbest.com/rc-airplanes..._campaign=balu

And I got a newsletter where they included a coupon code to save even more on this plane: Coupon: E0331D. I'm not sure how long it is going to work and/or if it's for both versions of the plane though Looks like the code already is invalid.
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Could someone please help.. My son's sky king has an issue. The throttle doesn't seem to work. Have tried re seating the throttle wire to the receiver but nothing. Oddly sometimes when using the throttle on the transmitter, the flaps move instead... Flaps working fine. Any ideas?


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Trace the wires, probably switched positions, or the transmitter is set up wrong. Motor wires should go forward. I use 40 year old equipment, so someone else has to help you checking the transmitter programming


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Trace the wires, probably switched positions, or the transmitter is set up wrong. Motor wires should go forward. I use 40 year old equipment, so someone else has to help you checking the transmitter programming
Thanks for your reply, the thing is- it worked fine for a while- perhaps 2 weeks/ 4 flights. Then stopped working.

I'm not sure that I fully understand what you mean by 'motor wires should go forward'. Sorry proper newbie here.