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WLToys Q353 Triphibian!

Triphibian! This is too fun!


Get a triphibian here: https://goo.gl/f83LLd


This is one fun quad! I had a blast flying it off water, make sure you watch the whole flight portion so you dont miss how it rights itself if you get it up side down! Such a great feature! Cant wait to fly it again.

This is a really cool machine, the rear motor arms actually rotate to give it forward thrust for car and boat mode, such a great idea. In normal quadcopter mode it flies great, handled the little wind I had, was very responsive at 100% and flight times are really great!

In car and boat mode, I used a little forward stick to help keep the nose down and build more speed, then you can hit the mode button and itll do a graceful takeoff, landing is similar, drive it down close to the ground, hit mode and ease it on in quad mode.

In ground mode, its fast, in forward flight its really fast, and fun, still handles great, they really did a great job with this one! I hope you enjoy!