Working on 1st design: STOL CH 701 Sport Utility Kit Aircraft . Need some ideas / help


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Ok, i am wanting to try my hand at designing, so giving it a go. Came across the STOL CH 701 when searching fur bush planes. I think it looks really cool.

I have the fuselage basically figured out. Have not figured out battery access yet. Currently scaled to fit fuselage on 1 sheet of foam.

I think i have the elevator and rudder figured out. Linkage will be different. Going to mount the servos in the side of the fuselage and run the linkage externally down the side.

The wings are the tricky part. I could run a basic wing on top, but i think the plane would lose its look. I don't really know if the leading edge extensions are possible, but i would like to do the funky part in the center of the wing.

Any ideas on the wing? I could run a plywood sheet as the bottom to get the span, and wrap the top in foam. Maybe just a solid wood spar?

Actual plans for the plan list the airfoil as an A-18-il. Don't know how to convert this info to an easy to build RC wing


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Hi Nik,

If you make it swappable, you may try this for battery access:



You can turn the attachment of the frontleg around, place it closer to the nose and open the space between front and main landing gear.

It you use shaped plywood spars, you can make these funky inner sections.

Good luck