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World of Warplanes anyone?

Hey guys! I have been fairly active in the World of Tanks online game for the last couple of years, and was lucky enough to be asked to participate as an Alpha tester in the development of Wargaming.Net's upcoming release of Warplanes!

It's very accessible, and I would think a squadron of Flitetest followers would be a lot of fun. It's free to play, and it's fun just hanging out with guys on Teamspeak while flying combat.

Here's the link. http://worldofwarplanes.com/

If a Flitetest clan is started up - I want in! ;)



Just someone else.
I've been in since the closed beta...it can be fun, but my aielerons lock up periodically (undoubtably when I need them the most). They keep taking my system info and telling me they've fixed the problem..of course there is no change. When it comes out of beta (it's in open beta now) I will probably not continue.
Other than flight issues, there seems to be alot of game play issues, strategy is a bit dodgy, no replays features, chat is not easy or worthwhile....Maybe I'll look into WarThunder.