World Smallest WiFI Camera Review


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World Smallest WiFI Camera Review
I just bought conbrov wf98 mini wifi camera,it said it is THE WORLD’S SMALLEST WIFI CAMERA.It is designed as a micro cube measuring 0.95in by each side.I can't confirm. But I have to say, it is really small.


I had played with pinhole and mini cameras before. Usually the small size is novelty enough that I would forgive its flaws, such as lower image quality and feature sets. Thus I didn’t come to expect much from this camera, other than knowing it has Wifi IP camera capability in a small package. That alone sounds very attractive. However, I got a lot more out of it than I expected.
Here is a quick video of the unboxing:
World Smallest Wifi Hidden Spy Camera unboxing Review (1 min 4 sec)

-- Truly very small. I also love the cube form factor. It’s about the size of a quarter (see photo to scale).
-- Image quality is actually very decent. While not full HD, it’s pretty close at 1280x960. The image rendition is actually pretty clear and contrasty. It also handles low light surprisingly well. Given the size of the camera and the tiny lens, the performance is more than excellent.
-- Nightvision w/ IR lamp in low light. I certainly didn’t expect something as small as this to come with its own IR illuminator! The semi-globe above the main lens is actually a IR led, which illuminates for a good 6-8ft in complete darkness. While it does flood subjects that is too close (see cons), it’s a feature that’s unexpected and makes it a fully functional and uncompromised night vision.
-- Battery powered. I didn’t expect this small form factor to fit a battery either, but it does have one. From the perforated case it looks to be about half the size of the camera. It seems to last a while too, which enables you to take it on the go as a spy or action camera. It adds a lot of possibilities being able to power itself without cords.
-- Magnetic with lots of mounting options. The camera itself has a strong magnet on the back face of the cube opposite of the lens. That alone lets it mount easily to ferrous items like refrigerator doors, aerosol cans, pipes, etc., with plenty of possibilities. There are also other magnetic mounting base and plates for even more flexibility.

-- The lights are a little cryptic to read, the only indication if not used with the phone’s interface. However, I’d still recommend the phone UI for the best options and ease of control. Guessing the lights are just difficult even with the instruction manual.
-- The IR light can flood the subject if it’s too close, as mentioned before. It can be an issue with the exposure control, which can be fixed with software updates.
-- Battery is not replaceable, as far as I can tell. I wish it’s user replaceable for longevity reasons, as lithiums have a pretty short life span in general, especially if you plan on running this camera 24/7 with the charger plugged in all the time as power.
-- Wish it has more modes, such as dash cam, or action camera, or ways to adjust the file size or max time per file. However, those are just something I wish it has. For the wifi camera that this is designed to be, it scores plenty of features.

video samples:
wifi camera (0 min 27 sec)

product link:

official description:
THE WORLD’S SMALLEST WIFI CAMERA: It is designed as a micro cube measuring 0.95in by each side, with included magnetic bracket and clip you can mount it on a desk shelf, fridge door and any places with metal surface to monitor your home or office unnoticed.
LIVE MONITORING: Set up the Wifi camera to your smart-phones with App “Mini Wifi Cam”, you can live view what's going on from anywhere. Perfect for baby monitoring and home security. Even if there is no Internet access, you can insert a micro SD card(Not included) to record video. The camera also supports loop recording, you don't need to worry about the SD card full to stop recording.
MOTION DETECTION AND ALARMS: When a motion is detected, the hidden camera will take pictures, then instantly push the photo messages to your phone or your email. You are always the first one that knows what’s going on in your house and small business, you will never miss something that matters.
HD NIGHT VISION: The mini WiFi cam will switch to night vision with turning on the Infrared Light automatically in low light environments even in total darkness, it records with a NONE GLOWING and allows you to shot clear videos in 960p at night up to 15ft. It is a must-have for you to monitor what you loved when you are not arround at night.

WiFi distance: 160ft
Night vision range: 15ft
Motion detection: Yes
Image sensor: HD 960P/30FPS
Support microSD card up to 128GB
Power: Built-in Li- Battery:220mAHh
Support system: Mobilephone 3G/4G, Android, iOS
Wireless mode: A2P/P2P
Mobile wifi video:960P

Easy to use, 3 seconds to set up
1. Mounted on the fridge door and any places with metal surface with magnetic back
2. Place on the desk shelf with magnetic bracket
3. Wear it in your front pocket or bag straps with a magnetic clip

Package Include
1 * 960P Mini WiFi Spy Camera
1 * Magnetic Bracket
1 * Magnetic Camera Clip
2 * Magnetic Stickers
2 * Pasters
1 * USB Cable
1 * User Manual


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Very interesting article, but it seems to me that such cameras are still unfinished. They have very limited functionality. Read this article and compare the main characteristics