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World's Largest Foamy!?


Flying Derp
Seriously though, I have the extreme good fortune of having Jim as a friend and a neighbor. I got to see this thing take shape from the beginning and tried to help as much as time allowed. It’s an amazing plane to behold and I actually got to take her around the patch for a couple of laps Saturday evening. It’s an intimidating plane, but flies like a big ole trainer.
So what's the deal with the extra long tail wheel? Are repairs underway?

That was a BEAUTIFUL 3 point landing! :applause::applause::applause:

Of course it was, that tail wheel is so long the plane can only do 3 point landings lol..
I don't know about the long tail wheel. I tried to talk Jim out of it - but it works really well. It's still short enough to enable the plane to pick the tail up off the ground for the take off roll.

I think if the wheel were as short as on a full scale cub, there'd be a much greater chance of the plane getting airborne after landing once the tail comes down. This way, there's no danger of too much AOA after touch down.

The gear is already repaired. The plane looks good as new. You'll have to wait for TAN to chime in on what the final fate of the plane is going to be.

Oh, and thanks for the welcome! I didn't know the plane had such a following over here. I've only kept up with it over at SPADWorld.