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Wouldn't suggest a 75% FT-Flyer

i recently decided to build a plane with my friend but we didn't have much foam and here in Australia foam board is around $13 per sheet of 900 x 600 and we thought it would be a good idea to build a 50% FT-Flyer, so we printed out the plans and realized that it was extremely small and there was no chance it was going to work so we printed out some 75% plans and they looked just right.

Me and my friend cut it out and glued it together then threw on my Miniquad electronics which were a emax 1806 motor and a emax 12A ESC with a 1500mah Turnigy nano tech lipo battery. we set up the camera for a time lapse while we did this, there is a video on my channel about it, if you get bored of the time lapse at the start, just zoom to about 1:00 where the good stuff begins.

This was all going so well and we were really exited to fly it with a tiny 5x3 prop but it was dark and of coarse us being pretty stupid decided
Who cares
and we threw it out the garage door and it plummeted directly to the ground as i expected.

We then threw it a few more times and crashed a few more times, we decided to trim the wings a little bit and change the battery, this actually surprisingly worked pretty well and it flew for maybe 30 meters before flying over the hedge in the dark while it was raining, we got our shoes on and went for a little walk threw the wet muddy puddles to retrieve our plane and to our surprise the prop was absolutely fine but as for the actual air frame, that was a different story, it was a fair bit soggy and far too floppy to fly.

i hope you enjoyed reading and don't forget to watch the video and check out my channel, i do lots of videos on RC.:cool::cool::cool::cool: