X-23 Xenos concept design. What do y’all think?

Should flight test work on a design for this as a kit?

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Caleb C. Reece

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Any creative crit to help make this dream become a reality?


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this looks SO COOL i really want to take a stab at it, the only things i think would be a problem would be cg with the forward swept wings and also the engine position as getting them at that angle would be kinda hard so it wouldn't be "repeatable".

Caleb C. Reece

New member
also on the kitting i dont think ft would kit as it does have some curves and thats more of johns thing, Now there other kit makers such as thehangerrc that would maybe be willing to kit it
Very true, but it is just a rough concept so it doesn’t have to have such curves and smooth design, but thanks for the helpful criticism!👍