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X525 V3 Quad flies well


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I mount my control board on 3 pads made of 6 layers of foam tape each so vibration is not felt by the gyro's. That lake crash was a BAD deal.

Hi Paul it's good to be part of this community finally ! Wow anyone want an autograph LOL ;)

Guess what my pots are reversed, I tried increasing the gyro response but it actually decreased then quad rolled and I broke a prop. I Found this article on how to reverse the pots, hope it works.
http://multicopter.forestblue.nl/quadcopter_build_log.html (step 1)

You know it would be good to have a test rig to iron out stuff like this so you don't damage your quad.
Its even harder with multiwii and the later kk firmware where you have P,I, and D values that need to be adjusted

This could be a could project for someone in the community ?
Have you modded your 9x yet?
No not yet but I have replaced the Esc in my Goshawk !!!

Also playing around with gyro rates, rebalancing blades and checking blade tracking to try to get the quad as smooth as possible. Fitting the GoPro on this thing looks like it might be challenging so that the blades aren't in the picture.. If anyone has any pictures of their setup then please post...


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I intend to build one.(My first rc heli)
But whit this frame.
But I'm not sure what parts to use whit it seeing i have about €150 to spend (If I really need to maybe anothere 50 but that would be it.).
I have looked at this Tx/Rx.
But maybe hobbyKings has a better one?
Well long story short.
Could someone tell me what parts I need (I curently have nothing. So Esc's, Motor's, Tx/Rx, enz).
Greets waralot.
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Check out this new frame at hobby king link

Read the review section underneath it lists most of the parts you need. Of course we will help once you get all your bits.
It's going to be hard to make sure you have everything,
For instance to use the power distribution board you will also need some 3.5mm connectors, to attach it to the frame you need 3mm screws and a set of long and short 3mm nylon spacers. To connect your receiver to the version 2.1 or v3 KK controller board you need the male to male servo leads. If your battery doesn't come with the yellow connector you will also need a pack of xt60 connectors. Make sure you only cut 1 wire at a time or you will short out the battery. You will need some 4 and 5 mm heatshrink too and a velcro strap. Almost Everything including 2cw and 2ccw props are in the multirotor section. But good luck getting all the bits. It's almost impossible to buy a complete kit because something is always out of stock.

The board comes programmed in plus mode, if you want to fly in Xmode like most of us then you will need the avr programmer to reprogram the board or use elevon mixing, which I haven't done myself.

The turnigy 9x is the best controller for the money but it's very hard to get one. Last time they were in stock they didn't even last an hour.

Hope this helps.. Feel free to post your full list and I can add stuff you missed out on.

If you are struggling to get all the bits you can pick up some stuff from eBay


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I'll upload the video tomorrow when I get a chance to edit it. No time today as Thomas spent the evening shopping at Hobby King :)
Thanks Man. I cant believe how hard it was FPV'ing this Quad. The throttle is so twitchy, not sure how to minimise the sensitivity around the hover position.. Also trying to FPV on a sloping terrain does not help one bit. I'm sure we will have a laugh once the video is up !!


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I'm uploading the video now. Will post it here as soon as it finishes . . I buggered up with the GoPro footage! When the gopro did its random firmware update at the field it reset the aspect ratio to 4:3!! You'll see what I mean soon.
Looks like a great quad, nice! I really appreciate you putting up the part list there in the description because I'm going to be building one similar to this (when I get the money to!) for my first build and it's good to see all the connectors and parts I'll be needing, so thanks for that! :)

Also, I'm with KKArioKA, where'd you get your dome from? Looks like a good little feature.
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