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>XBIPE< Build


CG- ½” to ¾” back from LE bot. wing. Elevon static setup 2 up elevon from bot. wing plain. Elevons throws ¼” up and down.
Tile print: Adobe Acrobat reader – click on print icon – click print – click poster block – set tile to 100% - check cut marks and tile all large pages. (hope it works)

New pixs and updated dwgs posted below.
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Sorry not good at that, I'll leave to others. There is a pix on the Mad Scratch Builder under Xbipe not very good though. Wish I could offer video of its flight. All the flier at the field who flew it were quite suprized at how it tracked and performed. I like your signature.

Take Care....
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I have been working on improving its design. First I have enlarges the elevons on both wings and as the top being static I have them set to match its bottom wing plain by hinge cutting and gluing them in place. I moved the wing forward a bit to so the elevons to be in line with the tail. I have also added wheels with associated gear and removed the wing skids. I hated that scratchy sound on take off and landing. I think I am going to change its name to Scooter Bipe as it very closely related to the Scooter plank. If you fly one you will know why the name Scooter fits. The first flight test on these changes were encouraging and I am moving to finish. Work in progress. I will have new drawings out but need to confirm them in build. If these changes prove not to improve its performance then what I have posted previously is yours to do as you desire and I hope you can find some ideas for your own designs. The only real problem that I have experienced is keeping its orientation in flight. These are the new updated dwgs. Flew this today and very pleased with its flight, smooth and clean. A bit windy here, around 10 mph plus. I had hoped that setting the top wing elevons to the plain of the wing bottom it would eliminate the up trim needed in the bottom wing. You still need a couple of degrees up added there. Note: 5/10/2018 - Corrected dwg error in Fuselage top fin. 5/11/2018 - Corrected small dwg errors in Elevons dim.


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