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XF Bloody Brit


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got the print out transferred to poster board... will prob have poster board cut out tomm... the dotted lines along the edge really made peicing together the edges much easier than some of the older ones with a line at the corner and center of pages.

can't wait to fly it... debating on 3 or 4 ch now.


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I finished my first complete scratch built... and I'm fairly happy with it... I built the bloody brit thanks to Dan Sponholz... I did run into an issue a little earlier with it... I seemed to not be as careful as I though on the B fold of the fuselage and the back 1/4 or so had rolled up into something between an A and B fold... I only noticed this after placing the doubler on it so when I "broke" the joint to fix it I had to remove some of the doubler to have it fit properly... but beyond that I had zero issues... it went together very easily, I only did a 3ch version as I'm fairly new to flying and I'd talked to Dan and he'd said that is how he usually built them anyway... I didn't have a straw for the elevator so I used the zip tie trick like FT uses on the FT flyer... I also did the skewers to support the rudder because why not..?... lol... and last tidbit I did was use some gift cards on the swappable pod skewer... I've done it to all the pods I've built so far... now it waits for a maiden... which requires a new antenna for my RX or a new RX :(... I do have a scratch built power pod for it but I need to get some plywood to build the firewall still... also a random picture of my other (first) scratch built; the sparrow glider...