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XF VIPER - Foamboard F-16 EDF

XF VIPER - Foamboard F-16 EDF v8

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Mid7night submitted a new resource:

XF VIPER - Foamboard F-16 EDF - A foamboard F-16. Best when viewed in the air.

These are the latest (currently beta-4) plans for my F-16. For build pictures, instructions, questions and answers, please visit the forum thread here:


If you want a cool skin, check out the Thunderbirds skin by Rasterize!: https://forum.flitetest.com/index.p...rbird-skins-for-ben-harbers-mid7night-f16.23/
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Open up the PDF in Adobe acrobat, select print. A pop up will appear, select *POSTER* under page size and handling then select print. This should scale your pages.
JTarmstr it's individuals like you that make people like me (noob) feel more confident I can tell you I really appreciate everyone on this forum such an awesome group of individuals. I really thank you bud.