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XJet Youtube Channel Needs Your Support - Please Read


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Hi Guys,

Can you please take the time to have a look at this video and lend a hand :)

EDIT: I have removed the link to the video as Bruce believes the News Organisations in NZ have received enough emails of Support. It appears the local council had an "emergency meeting" today once the media knocked on their door.

Thanks to all that took the time to send an email :)

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I did my part "They rock at (the SWMAC)"
I relly like theam .Good info there .
Flitetest Rocks Too !
There Safe and Fun :applause:
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Rotor Riot!
This is my note:


I'd like to congratulate the South Waikato District Council for their
SW Model Aircraft Club, they have brought much knowledge and
entertainment to me across the pond. Please make sure they can
continue to do this.

Andre Elb,

Ecuador, South America
Xjet is a valuable member of the RC community it's great that so many people have gotten behind him and shown their support

Keep the videos and reviews coming Bruce!