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Yak-1 Custom Foamie

Hello everyone! The FT war-birds inspired me to try creating my own from scratch. I built the ft tiny trainer to re-teach myself to fly (last time was when I was 10, now I'm 25) and once I was confident in my abilities I set off.

Why the yak-1? mostly because I think we don't have enough people flying Russian planes nowadays. The yak family combined can make a solid argument for being one of the most produced fighter aircraft of wwii. The yak-1 was also home to the worlds deadliest woman ace, which at the time I was using to try and get my wife interested in the project.

I didn't get many build pictures, but the wing must have gone through at least 4 different versions before the one I am using now, which will likely be changed again. This is the first completed wing, weighted with a battery so I could test it by spinning really fast in a circle... I learned that spinning makes you dizzy, and the wing chord was far to large.


After that I re-did the wing, slowly whittling the chord and testing it with a makeshift tail strapped on so I could lightly glide it (much more useful test). I settled on a wing and came up with this fuselage.


Notice anything off? yeah it didn't fly to well, very tail heavy and the control surfaces much to small.


Better, actually pretty good. It needs flaperons to handle slow flying, but it stays airborne and handles ok-ish. Well enough that I consider my first scratch build a success!


Those pics were taken back in July. Plane still flies, maybe I'll get someone to help me film it for you guys.
For reference I am using the Power Pod A, and a 2s battery. This is more than a little under-powered for this airframe, but might be kinda close to scale :p I would suggest a 3s and maybe a slightly bigger motor for optimum performance.
Once I get the time i will be digitizing my templates and I will upload them for you guys to try. I will also be doing a re-build with more pictures over the winter.
Thanks Tobias, as it is now I'm re-designing the wings and building a new one from scratch. One to many nose dives made the fuselage really crooked, it was still flying when I retired it though. I'll have posts of the re-design up with plans when I get around to it :)
:D Thats one of the reasons why I love working with epp because it is (in my opinion) stronger and less deformabel by harder hits.
Keep it up:applause: