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YAK54 EPP 3D Profile KIT (35.4in)

Hello Pilots !

I was looking for a smaller plane (i own the Bixler) and a fun flyer, decided to try this one as a first step for sport/light 3d.

i was flying the ugly stick but he is somehow fast and heavy, this one will be much more lighter and slower; i had in mind the EOT MODELS RARE BEAR when i found this one.

here is my shopping list; waiting some 2-3-4 weeks to get here:

YAK54 EPP 3D Profile KIT (35.4in)

Turnigy L2215J-900 Brushless Motor (200w)

ZIPPY Compact 1000mAh 3S 35C Lipo Pack

Hobby King 30A ESC 3A UBEC

HXT900 9g Servos - no pictures or links, I guess you know this servo too well :p

Assortment of 9x4.7 9x3.8 10x4.7 slow flyer props and prop adapters = 13 props worth 10+ dollars

TOTAL: + - US$ 80,00 + shipping with lots of spare props

right now im sitting and waiting for my stuff to arrive; plz comment on the setup

thx AK for the help on the motor ! ( i picked a lil more powerful one)

Ak Flyer

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You're going to have a blast with that plane.
That's definitely a bigger motor and I'm all for more power. You can always back off the throttle. The only problems you'll have to battle are the extra weight, and you're going to have to run big props because of the low kv. They recommend a 1400kv and you've dropped all the way to a 900kv.

1400kv x 11.1 volts = 15,540 max rpm
900kv x 11.1 volts = 9,990 max rpm.

That's a huge difference, 1/3 less rpm. You'll have to prop accordingly. The plus side is it should have lots of torque and done correctly will have great throttle response and quick handling for 3D type flying.
thats what i did, i have been reading the RCGROUPS threads

I already have a 1450 Motor; EMAX 2812 (PRODUCT ID: FC2812) but i was told that it wont spin a big prop .....

basically ppl started with 1400 lightweight engines (50g) and small props, 8x6 and 9x4.7; they discovered Tail heavy tendencies and they went for heavier motors and slightly bigger props.

thats what i was aiming for, i think my best prop will be 10x4.7 or 9x5.

notice that i ordered the 1000mAh 35C and not the 1300mAh 25C to counter balance the slightly heavy motor.

most popular choices of motors are:



ppl are hovering with lil less than half throttle with this setup

Lets see how it goes ....

Ak Flyer

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Good thinking. I think the battery placement is up front to isn't it? Heavier may work better. I think you're on the right track though. I tend to overpower things too.


Crash Test Pilot!
im guessing with your power setup that this plane will hover at around 1/3rd throttle if propped right , should be a blast to fly , im thinking ill have to get one!!!!
hello guys,

time is running short so i did just a few pictures, here it goes !

2012-03-20 18.41.51.jpg 2012-03-20 18.56.00.jpg 2012-03-21 13.11.02.jpg 2012-03-21 13.12.12.jpg

using Slow Fly 10x4.7 prop

didnt maiden yet, but i did a test hover (holding the plane and not letting it go) with a lil over half throttle ... i was expecting more power ...

AuW is 570g a lot over the specs but ppl at RCGROUPS are getting pretty close to mine.
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You have to remove that particular photo from your attachment list. There could be a couple of them there.

Nice plane BTW. I had a similar aircraft which is on my list of planes I wish I hadn't sold.


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great looking plane, can't wiat to see a flight video.

how do you like your 9x? I love mine, i've contemplated replacing it with a DX6i many times but really don't see why I should. its an awesome radio.
its working wonders .... the sad part im lazy to explore all the functions we get at it ... i configured aux-ch6 aileron, 2 stage flap on my bixler but need to learn more ...

stealing time to maiden the YAK !!! control surfaces have lots of throw, the rudder has like indecent 70 degrees to each side and its GIANT, so nice ! maybe i need to adjust the throws for less HA HA HA

did 40 expo on rudder and elev (ail 0), DR at 100 for all .....
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Hey guys, here is my feedback from my setup

using a 10x4.7 prop and 3S 1000mah 35C batt (2215J motor as stated above)

AuW is: 570gr and its a little tail heavy.

Dunno why, but the airplane wont take off from ground !!!! tried on compressed clay floor, like a tennis court / football court. maybe the dirt is slowing down the plane ?

it flew from hand launching, but it seems the plane lacks on power, cant recover quickly from harrier stalling.


Result: broke prop in 1 million pieces !!

I ordered this to see if i get improved power:


Also tempted to go for a slightly longer and heavy motor like this:





any ideas why my plane lacks on power ? (except that i had a 950kv motor)

on RCGROUPS i saw some impressive videos with a setup very close to mine ....
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Ak Flyer

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Profile planes seem to stay stuck to the ground. Pick one wheel up with your ailerons and it will come off the ground faster. I discovered this with my galaxy. It will cruise along the ground forever without taking off, but if I roll it up on one side it will take off in a few feet.

Ak Flyer

Fly the wings off
Okay I just reviewed it and I realized that it doesn't show a take off after I figured it out but now it takes off in less than ten feet if I just put a little pressure on the ailerons.

Ak Flyer

Fly the wings off
I would do some hovering and see how it pulls out of it before I condemn your power setup. Depends on if you're trying to do sport aerobatics or 3D though.