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YF-244 Caiman


Fly, yes... Land, no
So its been a while. Been working on a few deisgns since the move. Still getting stuff unpacked but I had the urge to build.

I give you my YF-244 Caiman.
223g flying weight
AX 1806 2500KV motor with 6x4 prop.
750mah Rhino 3s pack.
20" wingspan, 20" length

I bult this one a bit different. I didnt use any tradition wing spars. I started off like I normally do, by removing the paper from the Readi-Board. Where I live there is enough water in the air that it softens up the bond of the kraft paper that comes on the foam board and seperates it off. I dont have to use anything to peel the paper off, just get a corner started and pull.

I then used some good quaility 20lbs paper and glued it back onto the foam board, just the center layer of the wing, top and bottom. Lots of stiffness and the rubber cement holds the paper on beter than the OEM stuff :p


Have yet to fly it. should be a rocket though


Fly, yes... Land, no
that is a cool looking plane mate. i'm very curious to see how she flies
Me too :D

One thing I am wondering is if this design may benifit from having some type of flap for landing purposes. I think I have the room to do it but not sure if it would be worth it since I may just end up blocking air to the motor.

One more thing I did was to build differential into the control surfaces. My radio wont let me program this in but theres a trick to this when you link up the servoes that gives you some effect on this. Ill do a quick little article on this later for you guys.
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Fly, yes... Land, no
Got it in the air today. I was right, it was tail heavy. need to move the fuse forward some. I had the battery shoved as far forward as I could and still close the canopy. needed to do a quick field modification to balance it out fully. :D

video is on the way, though you tube is being very slow



Congrats, Sean! Great field modification!

It does look fast and twitchy in the video, but should be season once you get it dialed in.