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You know you're addicted to RC when...


How many letters do we ge
Hi all,

It's been done in the other forums, but it's such good fun I thought we could run one here.

You know you're addicted to RC when...

... your ceiling fan has tape on the blades because you were concerned about tracking.
... the same ceiling fan has reflective tape on a blade from when you tached the head speed.
... your TV remote, smoke alarm and kitchen scales are all lipo powered.
... where it used to say 'BLEND' on your kitchen food processor it now reads 'THROTTLE HOLD'.
... 9 times out of 10 when you empty the filter in your washing machine there is a bind plug in it.
... you've annoyed someone at work while doing circuit ops with a mini-heli.
... when you look out the window you instinctively check the wind strength and direction.
... the door of your fridge contains milk, eggs, thin CA and medium CA.

Any more???

True story: our kitchen scale's battery ran flat, so instead of buying a new one I wired up a pack an installed it in the scales. Even installed a charge lead so you don't have to remove the canopy... err... cover when its time to charge again.

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... you spend every sunday evening in front of your computer checking ebay for new rc stuff
... the guys at the customs office nickname you "the rc guy"
... your wife insists on you downsizing your hangar but for every plane sold/damaged you get two new instead
... you have been in the gym more often for indoor flying than for actually doing sports
... you have more planes than your wife has pairs of shoes

Brian fred carr

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When you check the weather.....then check where your latest purchase is.....then check the flitetest page....then check the forum.......THEN you feed the kids


Rotor Riot!
... when you say "this would be a nice place for FPV"
... when you climb a 90 foot tree to get your plane back
... when you watch your first episode of flitetest (true story)
You set your alarm for 5am so you're up before the wind picks up
You know when you're addicted to rc when you are more concerned about the size of the yard, rather than the house when buying a new home.


Crazy flyer/crasher :D
You know when you're addicted to rc when you are more concerned about the size of the yard, rather than the house when buying a new home.
SO DEFINTELY TRUE! I always think, even though I am just 16 years old, I wanna have a yard that is big enough to fly whatever plane I want and if I really have enough money save for a asphalt stripe to land and take off with bigger stuff, that doesn´t like grass.


Crazy flyer/crasher :D
It is like seeing anything and I mean word by word ANYTHING that is not related to RC and somehow then relate to RC by saying it looks like or you could use this for....

Awesome picture André