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You know you're addicted to RC when...


Driftin' with the wind...
here are some that may fracture your laughter valve:

...your teddy bear is an RC transmitter...
...picking your teeth with a prop after dinner...
...flossing your teeth with motor windings...


I Like SBach 342's
When the main function of your bedroom is to store all your hobby stuff, and you refuse to upgrade your cell phone because "I don't have the money for that", despite having just spent over $300 on a new plane...


Hostage Taker of Quads
Along those lines . . .

When you scale all your purchase in unts of Radians:

100 USD = 1 UMX Radian​


"Gotta buy gas, but I hate how it costs me 0.6 Radians each time I fill up."​

See also: Old Radian (150USD = 1 Original Radian), Big Radian (200 USD = 1 Radian Pro)


Helicopter addict
Always looking at nature, thinking it must be awesome to fly a heli there :) rather than enjoying the view. (and realizing authorities won't allow you to fly there anyway...)

+1 on the ads, most banners are HK/helidirect/amainhobbies :D


creator of virtual planes
When you ask your co-workers if you can go home to fly your RC plane. They tell you that you can after work. You point out that it's dark out when you're done with work. ... Then it dawns on you to get into another aspect of the hobby: night flying.

Buying LEDs might be in my future.


Sunny Day Park Flyer
...When your neighbors get mad at you from using the street as a runway.
...When you almost hit your neighbor's house trying to takeoff in the street.
...When you almost hit your neighbor when you crash in their yard.

+1 Hobby-Related Ads
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Senior Member
When your postmaster calls the FBI because he figures you must be a Chinese spy.

+++ on the $100=UMX Radian. Got one coming in the mail. just got a Nano CX. Hope the Scotts are getting a commission from Horizon Hobby.