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Your experience with motor bearings


Elemental Madness
I am currently using DT750 motors and the bearings have gone bad on all of them. I'm running a 4s setup so that is pushing them slightly but I was disappointed by the run time on these, only about 6 flights. I'm ordering new bearing from Boca Bearings for $2.75 each which as I hear is fairly cheap for bearings.
At the end of the summer I really want to get a bat bone tricopter and I don't know much about the park 300 motors that Flitetest suggests. What are the bearings like? Is is worth spending the extra money for Sunny Sky or Tiger motors?
Thanks guys!


Misfit Multirotor Monkey
ALL the DT750 bearings went bad after six flights?!

Now that is truly odd. I have four motors that have at least 50 hours on them and still going.


Amateur Extra Class K5TWM
NO bearing issues so far but I have had at least 3 motors from MyRCMART.com that have very excessive end play because the shaft was glued in wrong.