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Zephyr II Maiden and Crash!

My 3rd launch ends in disaster. A total loss albeit the equipment. Headed back to Rockyflyr for a re-build! Pilot error Launch to sticks got ugly. Perspectives from the plane and ground using GoPro Hero cameras.


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Yeah I'd be looking at either the fingers behind the motor POWER OFF throw. Give it a good over hand sling and get it gliding, don't biff it too high and then throttle up. Either that or a power on pizza box launch. The one you're doing is deffo for the more advanced. You should also get into the habit of when things go wrong power goes off. It can mean the difference of a total write off and a recoverable plane.


I launch my wings by holding the leading edge of a wing and giving it a side arm toss. Hard to explain in words, but I'll try. I'm right handed, but launch with my left so I have my fingers on the elevon stick (Mode 2).

To try to explain - extend your left arm straight out from your shoulder. turn your wrist and fore arm so the the back of your hand is facing forward. your thumb will be pointing toward the ground. Grasp the leading edge of the right wing. Reach arm back, give full throttle (I use my lips), bring arm forward in a smooth arc, starting below shoulder level and releasing at about shoulder level. Your arm will be swinging slightly upward. You don't have to launch level. The wing will level out on its own right away.

That is about clear as mud.


Um, it is close to that, but far less awkward. I don't throw it over my head and I don't hold the wing at the nose. Its more similar to a side arm frisbee throw without flicking the wrist.


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i was skeptic to launch the way I do, but after i got it right i never tried the "DLG" method ... someday ill try it !!

check the first 30 secs on my video: overhead throw; like a baseball



That throw works well if you are coordinated enough to power up and get your hand on the stick really quick! I'm pretty sure I wouldn't be that coordinated.:p

Oh, and nice soundtrack! A friend's band does an awesome version of Funkeytown.