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Zooming over the neighborhood pond


Got Lobstah?
Site Moderator
That must be the Storch with flaps? You have a beautiful place to fly in. I hope you can hang on to it but to me it seems like it's just a matter of time until someone either has a bad day and decides your disturbing their peace or someone wants to be like you but cannot control their craft and fly it into someones house or car. Thankfully that dog didn't go after it or pee on it.

I really like the water areas. You had me tensing when you went for the trees. It'd be a place I'd enjoy flying my UMX Timber, especially off of the water.


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It's a challenging area to fly in. I've had really good luck as far as neighbors are concerned. I have yet to hear a negative comment and most evenings it attracts a small audience. I've been flying my flyzone seawind off the water since I got it in February.

This is my new versa wing pusher. It's easily the fastest model I have but still surprisingly stable and a great flier.

As for threading the needle between the trees, I blame the wife for that. She was standing next to me and let me I couldn't do it.