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I always thought that your profile pic was a man holding the fighter jet while waterskiing. lol i was wrong
No, I just am a very big fan of f-4 phantoms, I just like their anhedral tails, and I liked the picture, where it is flying low over water. the waves, like from 2 feet, are an effect of the double jet engines.
yeah I know. Anhedral tails are also cool imao
I like your Banner, Avatar? What language is that and what does it say? SlowJo
Phin G
Phin G
Hi it is in Mando'a a native language to the Mandalorians. It is a code that we follow in English it translates to
1.Wear the armor.
2.Speak the language.
3.Defending yourself and your family.
4.Raising your children as Mandalorians.
5.Contributing to the clan's welfare.
6.When called upon by the Mand'alor, rallying to his cause.

It is known as the resol nare or the 6 actions.
They made the name "horizontal stabilizer" much too hard to say and to type. Is that some kind of a joke? We need to give it a new name with fewer syllables. How about Bob?
I learn't more flying my FT flyer on my own than I ever did with an instructor, once you get that muscle memory in your fingers your 75% there. The rest is practice. Try to concentrate on one plane starting off, each plane has different charcteristics so swapping between planes can impair your progress in the early stages.
Hi Steve
I started flying again over 2 years ago, I too was encouraged to get a Wot trainer, by self appointed trainer and club chairman. His aspirations out weighed his ability. He loved Chris Foss models and gave me an old one to fix up and fly. I fitted an Enya 40 engine with my own servos + receiver, then the guy crashed it on its maiden. Check out my Scout on the forum - whos scratch building tonight.