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Josh, I love your construction and flight videos. I am kit bashing the FT Racer if it turns out as good as I hope I'll send you construction and flight videos. Keep up the great work.
Bad news... for some reason during the maiden flight, the ailerons got stuck in the roll left position, and well, the landing was not pretty. The nose is pretty badly crushed, and the firewall has snapped. But hey, that's just part of the hobby! I'll be able to fix the nose up, but I can't source a new firewall, so I'll have to find a way to try and make my own.
Just finished the construction of my FT mighty mini corsair! this build took me about 8 hours, but only because I rounded all the edges with an iron, to have a more scale look. ( I'm guessing building it without doing that would take 3-5 hours.) I'm waiting on the wind to slow down for the maiden flight, and if that goes well, I'll paint and (hopefully) end up with a pretty scale-looking build!
where to post idea for Josh Bixler to see?
You can send FliteTest support a email. Just select the "Ideas for the show" option.
Lee, I am an FTCA Air Crew member, got my code and my bloody baron package, but I can not find any way to access the Live Build. No emails, I've searched. I just signed up for Flight Test subscription. Will the info come in time? trying to get on and enjoy the event.