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Wow Mate. Just looked up your location on google maps. I thought you were down by the city. Your only an hour and a half away. Im down in Mount Morris just south of Geneseo where the state college is.
Always happy to hear from another New Yorker. If memory servers, Psyborg and FoamyDM are also "locals."
Ihichi Bolls
<<<<<< I am Psyborg mate. my phone got hacked and they forced me to lock down Psyborgs account. Been waiting on Flying Monkey to reinstate it for weeks now. Hence the new forum name. Did you get out Sunday. It was absolutly the perfect day to fly up here.
Going to try and catch the dawn tomorrow for hopefully an epic acro flight around a Victorian tower on top of a hill.
Sponz, I'm having an issue with the plans for the P-47. the #3 fuselage former does not fit in the skin when the skin is rolled and glued. the former seems to be right but the skin looks way to small.
Good evening. I'm pleased to become a member of this forum. I'm very new to RC and the associated product companies that support the hobby. I specifically enjoy what Flite Test does for the RC community and the products they offer. I'm sure there are many others that I'll come to enjoy as well. I look forward to learning as much as I can here and from other members.
Hi everyone, this is my second post and I’m trying to save up to get electronics for some Flite Test planes I built so far I got it narrowed down to a turnigy 9x and a turnigy i10 . Does anyone know if they are any good and I noticed it looks like flysky has exact same thing . Are they any good ? I would like to get the turnigy i10 it has a touch screen and seems user friendly. Any info would be greatly appreciat
Going to try and get the Spitfire completely finished for Saturday - finally a possible flying day.....pictures/video will follow
First of all thank you

The scale given in the map is in centimeters or inches?

number 1-6