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New profile posts

WAAAATTTT!?!? i can use my original size picture for my profile and avatar picture now? WOOHOOO!!! no more 106x80 pixel extremely LOW res version i made with ms paint in order for it to be small enough to epload! hurray!
Hey Rasterize!! just found your AWESOME skins for the Bunny, Crow and other Mustang. Ofcourse that's the one I want and only one doing it... It asks for a protection security code when I try to open it in photoshop or illustrator to print. I mean I can download the .pdf(11x17) no problem.. but when I try to open it to print (I use photoshop) but it also wont print directly from the pdf either. whats going on?
okay... wow... just realized that it has been exactly ONE month since my last post on here. imaging that. well sorry for my inactivity and absence. i got carried away with school stuff (end of college semester so crazy work) but my last assignment is due tomorrow and the semester is over! speaking of that assignment... I'd better get back to work! one of my essays is about RC electronics. ft article maybe? hmm