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New profile posts

After a small surgery today, a quarter of a night shift at work and a lot of pain killers. I finished the new power pod for a Frankenstein TT I built up from a few RIP TTs. Will connect the servos to the fuselage tomorrow and will hopefully go to the field before the rain storm hits us again.
I feel you, I think I had 10 new friend requests on the book of faces before I left Rockdale. lol
Fell down my stairs yesterday...big bruises and a nasty thump to the head :(
Positive side: Had time to cut out an FT-Goblin whilst taking the day off work!!!! :)
Ouchie! So....how straight do you think that concussed airframe is gonna be?
Annoyingly, it looks better than mine :) lol
Heading home to Minnesota after a Grrrrreat week at FliteFest TEXAS. FT Frank Family attended in Grand style.... Great time and scores of new friends!!! Thanks to all <salute>
Interesting - camera changes for Betaflight are done not through the Betaflight configurator, but rather through the headset!
Hello sir. I was wandering if you still had plans for your foamboard tfw plank you had from outerzone. I’ve tried to find them but cannot. I would like to build it as I think it looks like a very good flier. (I apologize if this is the wrong place to post this, as I just joined the forums last night)
Rockyboy's RC advice - "Go build something. If it's ugly, don't worry - it will look better in the air. Go fly it. Then repeat." :D
greetings all new to this forum i made 19 EZ flyer gliders and turned my F-22 into a glider as well for my grandsons birthday party on sunday and i wanted to post pics how do i do it?
What a brilliant day at the club flying site. Flew loads, crashed none, a couple of 'heavier' landings but four hours just disappeared!!!