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Announcing the FT Simple Cub-FTP 164

It's still going to be the Tubby Cubby to me! :mad: :p lol. I understand the reason for the changing of the name, that type of thing can happen.

Cool episode, I do like the idea of FT bringing in the concept of larger balsa gas powered planes. So 2 thumps up from me for venturing into that realm. Can't wait to see what you guys bring to the table with that. Gassers are something that I may get into, but it could be a while. Right now, largest I've been going is 5 foot wingspans and I can do those with electric. But maybe when I get some more years flying, I may venture into a nice larger gas powered plane.

I'm pretty excited to see the Tubby Cubby/Simple Cub be available as a build and I'm sure a speed build kit eventually. As I said in a previous thread, it would've been nice to use as a buddy box trainer when we had our RC Club fly-in this year. BUT, I can always try that again for next year. So eventually I'll be picking one up. :)