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new Flysky fs-i10 transmitter

Does anyone have this new Tx and does anyone have or know of a review of this tx. I have one, I just received it from Amazon.com. I really like it, but would like someones expert opinion and know-how on it. I have been able to bind with the old Flysky rxs, so it is backward compatible. Also bound with the 4 channel telemetry it4 rxs also. It does not have a removable module. As far as I know it is probably not gonna be able to be hacked. Guys at openrcforums say it will take too much back analyzing to figure out the protocol, especially with the lcd and not knowing what kind of chip is in it. It looks like a rebranded Flysky chip. Guys at Deviationtx don't know if it's worth digging into either. Haven't flew anything with it yet, but soon. Very excited about using it. I do have pics of internals I will if anyone would like to see them. They are on the openrcforum.com if anyone wants to take a look.
Just curious if anyone else has purchased one of these or knows where there is any other info out there. I have flown 2 planes so far and had no problems. The only thing I don't really care for is the channel order on the Tx and Rx. Even though it's mode 2 the ail is on channel 1 on rx, elev on ch 2, thro on ch 3 and channel 4 is rudder. Everything on the sticks is correct, just weird how the Tx and Rx are set up different but give you the results you are looking for. Also, I don't believe you can change or reorder those first four channels. I have tried and also looked in the manual, no mention or luck in doing this. I still think it's a very good Tx for the money and well worth the money. Just like anything else. there's a learning curve. I am used to ER9X, still getting use to Deviation on my 8s. So will be the same with this TX, just have to use it and get acquainted with the FW.