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RC Plane Club in School

I have done my research, and I have found some planes, that are cheap, stable, and good for beginners, I want to make a club in the RC hobby and my school, and were wondering, if anyone of you know, what fleet of planes I could get on a school and pocket budget. Please comment some planes, that could we could store as multiples, that is ARF and RTF, also some good kits or scratch build materials. If anyone knows of what supplies are good to put together for a build and repair kit. Please comment for anything. Thanks in advance.
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Hi Kevparang!

Although our group focuses primarily on quadcopters, I can suggest a few things...

The AMA Flight School has a number of educational offerings, some of which focus on small planes. Good place to do some digging.

Side-note: the AMA can also insure your group through their UMASC program. Looks like more info in their PDF.

So, that's AMA stuff.

Not surprised if you already know about the kits Flite Test sells, but they might make a great fleet!
- Mighty Mini Tiny Trainer
- Super Bee
- Mighty Mini Arrow

Those all have great build-videos, too.

Hope this is helpful :p
Hi Kevparang!

I am in the exact same position you are. We had our first meeting last week and are planning our first builds to start next week. We are going to start with the tiny trainer and work from there.

I am just going off of my experience with FT Plans, but I have had a lot of success with the Mini Series of plans.

I love the tiny trainer ( actually I love the Modded Tiny Trainer: Plans http://flitetest.com/articles/bixler-nose-for-ft-tiny-trainer-free-plans
Video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bg18KJMmaY8) and we will be building this first.

I have had a lot of success with the arrow as well.

From there who knows what direction you will want to go...

I just love the minis because they fly great and the parts are relatively cheap.

I have had a great experience with valuehobby.com with their servos, ESC's, and batteries. They are local to me so I can pick things up so I cannot comment on their shipping cost or speed.
I like their servos with 24-inch leads for $2.50, their gforce escs have outlasted all of the emax ones i bought from flitetest, and the gforce batteries are cheap and have been great.

Good luck!
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I just completed a STEM-Event with the scouts. We had a very limited budget. each glider was $1.50. Based on my personal experience the biggest cost is the up-front of the transmitters and chargers and batteries. to get off the ground,

When I looked around for the planes to choose, I found the mini tiny trainer. it's 1 sheet, forgiving on the CG and easy to keep stable.
I chose to use SheppO's Kittenz tiny glider.

I would also consider the Ft Explorer. It's an easy flyer with low prop breakage ratio. and the Storch looks like the beloved super cub. Enjoy getting it all off the ground. :)