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FFE17 - Packing - Is anyone Clairevoyant?

So Rio.

What did you forget? Or what did you wish you brought but didn't?

When I was leaving I took a look at my mud boots and thought - I don't see any rain in the forecast for the weekend. I should have looked at the weather *prior* <sigh>. So aside from my boots I remembered everything else.


Troll Spammer
Yeah, we in Ohio got hammered with rain almost the whole week prior to Flight Fest with some severe flooding in some parts of the state. The Flite Test crew and all the volunteers did a great job spreading Hay and Straw to combat the mud. Everyone was in good spirits having a great time despite the mud under foot in places. There were only a handful of soupy spots when I left at 3PM yesterday afternoon and switched to tennis shoes all day Sunday. Us Ohioans expect that if you don't like the weather, just wait five minutes and it will change! Best to come prepared for anything. LOL!



Fly Angry
Flite Fest IS truly about the people. This was my first one. I made MANY plans to meet with people to fly or help troubleshoot things. When you go do NOT make solid plans for anything and just go with the flow. I wanted to do some flying and racing with my quads down in the multi GP area. I had time to fly one pack. I did however get to fly with JimCR120 for a few short flight, Got to hang out with Rockyboy on several occasions while he was flying various things as well as spot for him in the competition race. (Well done my friend that sun was BRUTAL). I even gave Litterbug the chance to laugh at me while he flew his tri LOS and I was on my Alien. (DO NOT try n show off cold on the first battery lest ye shall do the walk of shame nearly to the corn field as your gear cartwheels further and further away.)

Campers take comfy bedding. Plan for EVERYTHING being permanently damp as if its not swamp fest like it was the first two days it will be hot and humid the rest of the time. Sunscreen sunscreen sunscreen!! You can literally be sunburnt in the time it takes to walk from camp all the way down the flight line.

Lastly, make no definite plans and volunteer. You will NOT regret it if you actually go there to help and meet people. I saw a very few that kind of had shifts and were there but did not seem engaged as they could have been. So many of my plans went by the way side as I was constantly involved with what people were doing. That to me is what this whole thing is about and you learn that the very second you arrive.