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Planes we'd like to see...

Hi all,
Just listened to episode 144, enjoyable as always! Especially liked the bit about aircraft types that are rarely modeled. I'd definitely like to see a C-130 at some point as well.
The shuttle idea got me thinking, it could have a power pod like the hott fan that folds into the payload bay when scale-looking glides are desired.
In fact, there's a scratch-built x1 out there that used the same idea...

Would like to see a Ford Trimotor on the market again myself. What other cool planes would people like to see?


Skill Collector
I would like to see more unusual designs, and more golden age civil air racers - but I know those are also some pretty small slices of the hobby in terms of sales and probably won't see the big guys put those out.

I would also really like to see another manufacturer enter the UMX sized market to put some competition pricing on those crazy high Specktrum receiver brick prices.


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More micro indoor sized planes that would be good for indoor season. Maybe do a posterboard, cardboard, or Saran Wrap build challenge...

I personally would like to see a good VTOL with camera gimbal. I am thinking something with decent horizontal flight duration that can take off and land from anywhere and be used for search and rescue activities.


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I'd love to see some more Warbirds! A T-28 or Wildcat would be really wonderful to see joining their flying ranks.

Also, I would like to see more 3D printed parts integration. I liked seeing the Radiator part on the pietenpol, but I think 3D printing could really help the aerodynamics of these models. Perhaps a good cowling piece or more advanced flap?
I would love to see some of the more rarely modeled types of jets and warbirds. An F-106 and B-29 would be the holy grail for me. A B-58 Hustler would be awesome as well!