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  1. A

    Advice Needed: Electronics for 200% FT Old Fogey

    This is my first post and thanks for responding. My kids got me into the hobby and I've built a few swappables. I saw the 200% Old Fogey at Flite Fest this past summer and am now building it. Can someone please make recommendations for the electronics I will need? Engine, ESC, battery...
  2. JamesWhom

    Big FT Scout

    Hey everyone, I am wanting to build an FT mighty mini Scout - however I don't want it to be mini. I would like it to be 200% of the original size. I know Flitetest said that they were going to release a bigger swappable version of the scout soon, however I want one now! I also want to make it...
  3. T

    200% Bloody Wonder!

    I went to Flite Fest this year and saw a lot or really cool scratch builds. One of my favorites was a 200% Bloody Wonder. It looked so awesome and looked like it flew amazing. When I got back from Flite Fest, I decided to make one. It only took 5 shees of foam and took about 5 hours to build. I...