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Latest reviews

Amazing plans quality! Cant wait to start it
Thanks for the positive feedback hope the build goes well. If you have any questions just ask. Eventually I’ll also add a build video so let me know if you get stuck or things need to be explained.
This is such a smooth flyer! It's definitely one of the best flying planes I've ever flown!
Awesome plans, you saved a lot of space. The mighty mini warbirds are taking over!
Do you have any flight footage?
mach1 rc
mach1 rc
Thanks!!😃😃 sorry I don't have videos when I was flying it i didn't know how to post videos so all i have is pics😕
good plane!
Simply Gorgeous, may print a second for use as a poster.
Thank you for your kind words. I'm glad you enjoy them. :)
Great relaxing plane
Rất tốt , tôi thích thiết kế máy bay này...