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Latest reviews

Great glider.
This is an awesome plane that can fly fast, slow, and everything in between. Great job!
Great plane!!
Great, fun, fast plane. Stable in slow speeds, a rocket at full throttle. Rolls on a dime and is an absolute blast to fly. I highly recommend it as a simple quick build that will give you tons of fun. I personally built mine out of 3mm FB and it flew great. Download, print, build, fly it, and then post about your exprience.
good job
Great plans, looks like a blast to show a 7 yr old the joy of R/C flying
Thanks Cochise! I agree! It's so no stress to fly. Make sure your Power Pad Cradle is set far enough forward. The plans have it set so the prop is close to the front of the fuse. To move the cradle forward, Move the locking tabs in the fuse forward from where they are in the plans. This is very important especially if you don't use the big Wally Wheels that put an additional 4.4 oz ahead of the CG.