1. N

    My 2017 Recap!!!

    A compilation of my adventures this year, Enjoy! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=414iXDNlONI&t=29s
  2. casedog21

    FliteFest East 2017 - Radio Issues

    I just got back from #FFE2017 and again it was a great experience. This year we had two new guys with us that hadnt been before and they had a great time as well. I noticed that there seemed to be a lot of people, including the five of us that had radio issues at some point during the event...
  3. G

    My FliteFest West 2017 Recap Video

    I had an absolute BLAST at FliteFest West this year. From meeting the crew and all the nice people to flying FPV and entering (and failing) in the final combat, it was a weekend to remember. Please do it again in Cali next year!! (I figured this belonged in the meetups category more than the...
  4. Triple Ace 2142

    Flite Fest Registration questions

    Hi everyone, last year I had this same question but I can't remember the answer. When registering for Flite Fest do I need to buy both a camping space and a pilot registration if I plan on camping or do I just grab the full camping pass? Also lets try and kinda make this a registration...