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  1. eagle4

    The ultimate sub250

    With the new regulations in places like Canada, any aircraft that weighs less than 250g can be flown pretty much anywhere. It would be cool to see Josh design the ultimate sub250g plane.
  2. O

    mighty mini mustang questions

    Hello. I`m posting here to see if somebody could help me out to get some answers. I want to buy and build the mighty mini mustang. But I have some questions: -with the power pack F, is it possible to switch between 2s and 3s batteries? -would be better to use 2s instead of 3s to keep it...
  3. eagle4

    any Flitetest planes under 250g

    Hey gang, What FT planes can be built to be under 250g? Just looking at building my next one and keeping it under 250g means i can fly it in Canada without restrictions. I reckon the mighty mini series would be ok. but what about the FT Sparrow? Have you guys weighed your planes?