3 blade

  1. Mark 42

    What 3 blade prop would work well with FT Duster

    I'm building an FT Duster with the "Power Pack C" from Flite Test. https://store.flitetest.com/power-pack-c-fixed-wing-large/ Running a 2200mah 3S battery. I like the look of a 3 or even 4 blade prop. What diameter and pitch of 3 Blade prop would work well for this setup? How about dia. &...
  2. B

    Information required about props (2 vs 3 blade)

    Hi guys, I am about to start building a HK FPV250 and I have seen people with 2 blade and 3 blade props on this multirotor. I would rather just stick some 2 blade props on it as they are generally easier to come by in the event of a crash. However, would there be any benefit to having 3 blade...