1. AgentC

    Plane EZ Bronco 1.5

    OV-10 Bronco! This works with both the 2-channel and the 3-channel power packs. The turning radius and flight response is much tighter with the 3-channel, naturally. Wingspan:14" Foam Board Weight: Approx. 20g Total weight with 3-channel parts: Approx. 50g Original Maiden: Version 1.5 Full...
  2. M

    new, need mixing

    hello, Im new to the hobby and built a few planes, "(crazy dihedral) pizza box, FT mini mustang, ftforum Bugatti, and ftstem Alpha-Charlies". Just recieved my TX a UGFPV nirvana, very excited and still haven't played with all ther features. Looking for good 3 channel rudder-aileron mix/config...
  3. Chaser1029

    Conversion of electronics

    Hi, I have what seems to be a fairly complicated question for me, but might be pretty simple, about taking the electronics from one plane I have and putting them in a FT swappable kit. I bought a Parkzone Radian a couple of months ago and have wrecked it and tried fixing it, but it has just been...