30 amps

  1. Sneery

    Solved Need help with custom "power pack" I made

    So instead of buying a power pack, I checked the internet for similar parts, and it seemed to work. Would anyone tell if if these would actually work together? They would be going in a Mighty Mini. Very new to the whole DIY stuff so I have no idea if these work. I tried to mimic Power Pack F...
  2. D

    I need advice for teksumo parts like a motor and additional build tips

    Im new to the hobby and am building a new plane, just a stock teksumo. I got a 30 amp plush esc, a neewer tx/rx a 2200 mah 3s lipo, 2 9g servos and am pondering a motor suitable for the setup considering the 30 amp esc. Any reccomendations? I also want some build tips regarding electronic...