1. Wingman04

    Wanted: Compy 300 Heli Frame

    Does anyone have a good condition Compy 300 frame up for sale? Mine has a very large crack at the boom mount and needs replaced before the next flight. ONLY the frame. I have everything else needed to fix it. All offers welcome.
  2. C

    'Extra' fun!

    After what has seemed like ages, the 2geeks are back! Kyle returns with full throttle (literally) and the Geeks have a blast ripping of the sky (and grass) with Kyle’s Extra 300. Enjoy!
  3. L


    Hey Guys! I am new to flitetest forums. I just purchased a parkzone extra 300 and am in need of some help.. I am an intermediate skill pilot. On the maiden flight I dont think the battery was in the correct location for CG and the plane tipped over and took a nose dive at 20ft. I am an...