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4s battery

  1. Yoshio

    Help! My first question: Can I Fly "Carbon Cub S+" with 2200 mAh 4S Battery

    Hi there, happy to be here and hoping to receive some good advice since I am not a battery expert. -> I have the "Carbon Cub S+ (RTF)" which came with the recommended 1300 mAh 3S battery. I know that many people are flying it also with a "2200 3S" pack and this is also listed in the manual as...
  2. S

    Final Answer for 4S Beef

    Iam surfing internet for a while now and cant find final answer for my question. Can I power Beef (GT2215/09) with 4S battery ? Josh said on show that you should never use propeller bigger than 9x4,5 on 4S but on which motor ? Iam newbie from Slovakia and I have built several FT models now...
  3. Robbie

    What would you say the upward Ampere tolerance of 18A kiss ESCs

    To run cobra 2208s 6045 4S is quoted by RotorGeeks at 24As of current at 100% throttle, i am curious to see whether Kiss ESCs could take this or more?