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  1. D

    Foamboard 120cm wingspan 64mm EDF plane

    I've lurked around these forums long enough. Time to share my latest project: an easy-to-fly foamboard jet built around a 3900kV (3S) 64mm FMS EDF unit. Wingspan is 120cm; AUW (with 3S 3000mAh) is 1150g. Very wide flight envelope. It has a large wing surface so it floats forever. It flies like...
  2. Andre

    64mm EDF Scratch Build

    A good FT friend is sending me a 64mm EDF motor. Wants to see what I'll come up with. Hmm time to start designing very simple and light air frames. For some reason some of the classic designs speak to me. To be honest the de Havilland Vampire looks wonderful. Or maybe the Grumman A-6...