1. flyingsquirrelRC

    AD-1 Oblique Wing

    You guys should make the AD-1 Oblique Wing NASA experimental plane. I am not sure if it would scale down well, but you could probably freak out your friends ("DUDE U JUST DESTROYED YOUR WING!"), then laugh as it keeps flying. ;) Peter I think this is right up your alley. Feel free to add...
  2. flyingsquirrelRC

    PBY Catalina and/or AD-1 NASA oblique wing

    I think that it would be absolutely amazing to see a RC PBY Catalina fly because that plane is so funny looking. :) Also, Peter, if you can find a way to get a model of the AD-1 experimental oblique wing flying, I will personally be amazed. That would be amazing. Look it up! :cool: