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  1. J

    Plane Air Tractor 1

    Build Instructions Below. I flew this air tractor and it has some interesting characteristics. First the CG is really close to the front of the wing only 20MM back. Second is that when landing USE 20% THROTTLE or it will land very hard(it really needs airspeed!. Also I tried to stall the thing...
  2. Flying Farm Kid

    Air tractor AT 402 B Build and cad design

    I live on a farm in NW Ohio and we see air tractors flying around us and spraying the fields all the time. In my opinion they look awesome and I have always wanted to build one. This thread will be about me designing and building an air tractor. I am designing it mainly in onshape in 2d and 3d...
  3. Taildragger

    Plane Air Tractor AT-502 Chuck Glider (Beta 1.0) 1.0

    I was inspired recently by an Air Tractor AT-502B flying low over my backyard a lot recently, so I decided to CAD up my own! Then I made up this mini one as a chuck glider for my little brother who is obsessed over aviation at the age of 2. I need some help getting the CG placement correct...
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  8. thecockpitcrooner

    New Guy! - Question About Canopy/Cockpits - Hotwire

    First post! I've decided to take the plunge into RC airplanes, largely out of an interest in recreating some of the airplanes I work with. I work in the Aviation sector of the NC Forest Service fighting fires. Our planes include an AT-802, AT-802A, Cessna 182s, and a Cessna U206C. I'm in the...