1. "Corpse"

    Other Hobbies? (I do airsoft)

    What hobbies do all ya'll have other than flying planes, quads and helicopters? I love airsoft and just finished hydro dipping my airsoft M-61 sniper rifle. It looks sick! If any of you are near Washington, we should set up a game sometime!
  2. C

    Tunrigy Airsoft lipos for 250 racer?

    Hi all, I'm new to quads and also the forum so firstly I'd like to say hello (Hello) :) Now that's over with time for the noob questions that will do doubt come from me in there hundreds! I've already order all the parts for my build which i shall list now so you guys have some idea what I'm...
  3. T

    Ultimate Airsoft Warbird

    Hello, I suggest you should build mini airsoft gun inside warbirds to have realistic dogfight. The small airsoft guns should be on the wings like real planes, such as supermarine spitfire.:D