1. I

    Aosenma CG035 Firmware Reset

    Hello buddies im a big fan of drones and RC planes, yesterday i got my brand new aosenma CG035, but the thing is i had a ton of errors and i tried to manage them to kinda work. Today i updated the firmware of this little bird and i think that this is a big mistake now. now my pc doesnt recognize...
  2. _sOnGoKu_

    AOSENMA CG035 GPS+Headless+Followme+Interest Point+Ret home+review

    Hello friends, today I want to tell you a little of the last quadcopter that has joined the family. It is an AOSENMA CG035, a quad who incorporates a GPS that is possible to connect and disconnect at your whim .. With functions like his biggest competitors .. Follow me mode, automatic return...