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  4. FishbonesAir

    Avro Lancaster Bomber

    Okay, I'm posting this on behalf of my son, build partner, and fellow Mad Scientist. He and I are, more or less, Pinky and the Brain, in the flesh. I'm Pinky, BTW. Narf! Anyways, he asked me, to ask Flitetest, if they would do a Lancaster Bomber. The Lancaster is his favorite bomber of WWII...
  5. C


    Well, it has been built! How about a smaller scale plans for sale in the Masters Class?
  6. FoamyDM

    Today is a sad day for B-17 lovers.

    Found this in the paper today. :cry: As I love this iconic plane and I grew up outside of Hartford CT it hit home. I trust we all share the sadness of the tragedy for both the families, and the preservation of the B-17 bombers
  7. steveo

    P-51 and B-17 short videos I took last fall.

    P-51 Taxi landing B-17 Taxi Power down Landing