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balsa kit

  1. rockyboy

    Balsa Kit Manufacturers

    Here's my bookmark list of currently operating kit manufacturers that I've either bought from recently, or have on my wish list. Ordered from, built, and absolutely love.... excellent kit quality, instructions, support, etc. I keep pictures of their planes in my wallet (right behind the wife...
  2. Turbojoe

    52" Marston Pterodactyl!

    Looking for a cool and different balsa build? Here it is! The 52" Marston Pterodactyl. You'll likely have the only one at the field. Like everything else I buy I bought this on a whim but had every intention of building it someday but now it's in the "MAKE SOME ROOM" pile. I've gotta start...
  3. N

    Mountain Models Eva Bipe

    My workbench is cleaned off and a new plane has found it way to the bench! With the completion of the P-51, it is time to start a new project. This will be my build log of the Mountain Models Eva Bipe. With all the snow and cold weather here in Michigan it is giving me a lot of time to build...
  4. P

    Balsa with swappable

    Is it possible to build balsa wood winds and add it to the swappable plans etc Thanks