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balsa wood

  1. MarioGdV

    Piper Cub J-3 Build Log

    Hi! As the title says, I'm going to build my first balsa kit, a 1200mm Piper Cub J3. It's definitely a bad choice for a first kit, since it's from Banggood, but I've read the instructions and I think it doesn't seem that hard. However, I can always ask you for help if I need it (I will). The...
  2. H

    My 1/12 scale P-47 thunderbolt

    I was prompted to post my own work (by someone on youtube!)that has been sitting around for 2 or 3 years at this point. it's, as the title implies, a 1/12 scale p-47 thunderbolt made from balsa wood. this was very much a learning experience for me because i have never done any kind of serious...