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  1. Atsflyer

    FliteTest Electrohub and Batbone

    I completed my ElectroHub Spider Quad tonight. Had a quick maiden just before dark. Flew great. I used the Altitude Hobbies electronics kit, flip 1.5 controller and my Futaba 6ex. The Batbones is one year old this month with close to 30 hours flight time on it. Thanks Flitetest for designing...
  2. jamieFL

    Naze32 V-Tail Quad Setup

    Hi everyone. Thank you Josh, Josh, and Dave. I am building my second multirotor. The first was a Fortis Airframes Titan tricopter (that I found from an ad on your site) with an APM 2.6 flight controller. It flies very well and is used for aerial photography. I want to build something for...
  3. E

    Batbone Plans

    Hi, Are the CAD plans available for the batbone series yet? I'd like to look into adapting them for DT750's (as per David's original Tricopter design) I could start designing from scratch again but would like to make it swapable with people who already have pieces. Also incorporate a V-Tail...