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    Baylands Holloween BBQ and R/C Fun Fly October 16 11am-6pm

    Baylands BBQ and R/C Fun Fly November 6th 11am-6pm Come meet Me and Alan If your in driving range of Sunnyvalle California come and meet up. Sunnyvale Baylands Park 999 E Caribbean Dr. Sunnyvalle, Ca 94089 Hamburgers: $5 each Hot Dogs: $2 each Gooniac's Chicken Plate: $10 Drinks:$1
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    Catching Thermals Indoors from Podcast

    First off, love the show, video and podcast ( i like to listen to the podcast at work or when i work out) I loved the idea that the guys talked about on the podcast to try out the new ultra micro Radian to try and create thermals indoors. It also got me thinking, when I was getting my grill...